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Who We Are?

At myRunner we just love travellers .The team behind myRunner has over 8 years experience dealing with travellers, migrants and passengers. myRunner was conceived in 2015 and launched in September 2017 to become a leading bus booking platform in Sourthern Africa.

Over the years we have seen passengers lose money and time waiting long hours for buses, spending money just to travel long distances to make a bus booking. We have seen people be it at Johannesburg Park station, Harare Roadport, Erenkini in Bulawayo, Lusaka Inter-city bus station or the Wenela Bus station in Malawi spending time waiting for their loved ones to arrive by bus with no clue where the bus is.

Women, children and the elderly are harassed by touts and thieves forcing them to board buses not of their choice,bus operators have complained of losses in ticket sales especially the pick and drop sales, lack of measured customer services.

In 2016 Zimbabwe has seen a serious cash shortage with many people with money in their mobile wallets and bank accounts and failing to travel due to a lack of facility to allow card, and digital payments.

Enter myRunner, we seek to improve the lives and quality of travel experience passengers travelling by road using a bus, we want our bus operators to be highly profitable and efficient in their operations because of partnering with myRunner. Our platform will allow any operator to sale tickets online and offline, track their bus fleet from their phone or device.

myRunner will allow you to book or buy a ticket from anywhere using any device or phone hence we say Your phone - Your ticket.So why are we called myRunner? Because we believe instead of running around to book your bus ticket or ask for the location of your bus send your device, your phone to do the running for you. You can boldly tell your friends when it comes the bus travel I have got myRunner.


At myRunner we just love travellers and passengers as a division of Global Simcards International,the team behind myRunner has over 8 years’ experience dealing with travellers, migrants and passengers.